Car Accidents

Posted on June 13, 2015 in Safety

No one wants to think they could be involved in car accidents, but there are many times when this is just what happens. Driving is easy enough, but there are times when drivers are distracted or the weather is bad, and things happened. No one wants to think that they are going to need to use their car insurance, but it can be a reality for anyone. It takes more than just insurance though, you have to know who to call and what to do. You also have to know how to avoid the accidents in the first place.

My husband always tells me to relax when he’s driving because he knows what he is doing and he is a good driver. He’s never been in any car accidents since he got his license. I tell him that he is a good driver, yes, but that does not mean the people coming towards him are good drivers. Everyone thinks they are a good driver, but there are enough car accidents and near misses to let us know otherwise. It’s not just about how well you drive, it’s also about how well you pay attention to how others drive.

Good drivers get distracted and that leads to car accidents. Cell phones were blamed for a long time, and people started using hands free units in their cars. Sadly, that is not the issue. Though holding the phone is a problem, the bigger problem is concentrating on what they other person is saying. That is the real distraction. Now an even bigger problem has emerged and it has everything to do with texting with the cell phone. Trying to read text messages and type them out to send is even worse, and it could be causing even more car accidents.

The best thing to do is let the voicemail pick up the phone while driving, and to ignore texts until you can pull over to read them. This could reduce come car accidents, especially among the younger generation. When it comes to know what to do when car accidents occur, make sure insurance information and a phone number to reach the company are in the car somewhere. Hopefully an accident will be a small one, and whomever is driving can call for help on their own, and alert the insurance company. No one wants to have an accident, but knowing how to remain alert and what to do if one occurs are great things to teach anyone.