Car Safety Features

Posted on May 8, 2015 in Safety

When I was young and single, I wasn’t as worried about car safety features as I am now that I have a family. Suddenly, the airbags and other safety items were much more important than the type of sound system in the car or what the seats are made out of. In fact, leather seats don’t really do much for me, as I know my five year old will make short work of destroying them. Instead, I focus on a good looking car that has all I need to keep her as safe as I can while we are out on the road together.

One most impressive of the newer car safety features is the On Star program that I believe is only available at this time through General Motors. Other companies may have the same thing, but I am not aware of it if they do. At any rate, this is something that I think all cars should have, and it should come standard. This allows anyone at anytime to call for help when something happens. This also allows someone to get their car unlocked if they lock the keys in or can’t find them. I’m not sure what else that system can do, but those things are valuable all on their own.

Car safety features otherwise are getting better and better. Airbag systems are more effective, and they have found many great ways to improve them. Braking systems are getting better at preventing the car from locking up so the driver has more control in dangerous weather conditions. Glass is made so that it will not shatter into the car when broken, but will instead break but remain somewhat intact upon impact. Child safety looks have been around for a while, but are still very important car safety features that any parents should ask for when buying a new or even a used car.

As time goes on, new and improved car safety features are going to come up, and though nothing can make a car completely safe, they are going to make things even better. One brand, though that brand escapes me at the moment, has a sensor in the car that can detect a heartbeat. That means if someone is hiding in a car, the owner can have that information before the approach their vehicle. That would mean less women and children will be harmed. Those are car safety features that you simply can’t put a price on.