Car Security System

Let me tell you about something that happened to me a few years back. I had just arrived at a clinic, where I was taking my teenage daughter in for a check-up. As I strolled casually through the parking level, I noticed that we were a bit late. I encouraged my daughter to hurry. Just as we were exiting the parking level, a man approached us, wanting my help with his car. He claimed that he couldn’t get it started. And for some odd reason he thought I would be able to. Yeah right! I know nothing about cars, and this sounded like a lure to me. My guess is he wanted to get me in the right position so that he could use my daughter against me. Maybe a robbery or something. I told him I was in a hurry and moved on. After the appointment was through, and we were returning to our vehicle, a blaring car security alarm echoed through the parking level. It seemed as though the man tried to assault a woman, but she sounded her car alarm, and a nearby police officer responded. He was now in hand cuffs. And yes, the lady was very fortunate.

What can a car security system do for you? Hmm, let’s see; there are a number of beneficial features. First you have the obvious attention-getting alarm noise. You can set this off from your keychain at any time in order to draw eyes and scare off predators. It really does work. Criminals dread tons of attention. They want to move about unnoticed. Secondly, most car security systems have simple driver’s side door access. You thumb the UNLOCK button once and it only unlocks the driver’s door, hence leaving you less vulnerable. Then there’s the remote start feature. You can literally start your vehicle’s engine as you approach it. All while keeping it on lock-down. This makes for a speedy getaway. Other features you may enjoy are sensor alarms and noise alarms. If you have a convertible, the top can be left down and still secured. If someone reaches inside, the car security alarm will sound. If a window is shattered, the alarm system will activate and scream to draw attention.

Let’s not forget about one of the obvious advantages to a high-tech car security system. Keeping predators and criminals out! The last thing you want is for a thug to creep into your vehicle and hide out while you’re at work or in a shopping center. This would make for an awful surprise. Keep your vehicle armed and you have nothing to worry about.