Used Car Ratings

My 12-year-old Camry is starting to give me all kinds of problems. I’ve recently had to replace the brakes and shocks, and now I’m having transmission trouble as well. I guess it’s safe to say that this vehicle is on its last legs, so I’ve already started looking around for a replacement. I’ve limited myself to checking out pre-owned cars because they’re a much better value than brand-new models, and have been doing some online research into all the different choices out there.

It’s been many years since the last time I shopped around for a vehicle, so I need some help evaluating the market. That’s why I’ve been reviewing as many used car ratings websites as I can find. I think used car ratings and buying guides are valuable tools because they can tell me a lot of information in a short period of time, thus enabling me to make a better purchasing decision.

TIP! Ask your local auto mechanic for a recommendation on what year, make, and model is known to be a reliable used car

For example, typical used car ratings compare vehicles of the same class, size, and model year in such categories as Safety, Reliability, Owner Satisfaction, Fuel Economy, and more. In addition, used car ratings can tell me the average value of different vehicles, which in turn helps me determine whether or not I’m getting a fair deal on my purchase.

Of course, online used car ratings are only as good as the site that publishes them, so it’s important to make sure that I’m getting the information from a reliable source. It’s one thing to use information found on the Consumer Reports website; quite another to listen to something published on a random individual’s personal blog. Obviously Consumer Reports has experts writing up the used car ratings displayed on their website, but the same can’t be said for John Smith’s Blog.

TIP! You need to know exactly what your maximum is. Determine the amount you are to spend on a car.

Earlier this morning, I found several trustworthy websites that offer comprehensive used car ratings for consumers to review before buying a vehicle. I bookmarked those sites and will have to spend some more time going over all of the different categories, scores, and evaluations so I can then narrow down my list of potential vehicles to just two or three. Once I have a short list like that, I’ll head out to a few dealerships around here and take a few test drives.

I realize that there’s a lot more to buying a vehicle than simply accepting the recommendations of a handful of experts. Nevertheless, I really do believe that used car ratings provide useful information that ought to be taken into account during the decision-making process.